Construction Experts


First Class Realty & Mortgage, Inc. is a proud partner of the Chambers General Construction Company. Originating in 1970, this reputable construction firm has a long list of successful projects throughout the Bay Area. Amongst their noted collaborations are the “East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation”; as well as the cities of Oakland, San Francisco and Richmond.

With demonstrated experience in every aspect of development and construction including commercial, single family and multi units for private and public sectors, Chambers General Construction Company specializes in customization. A family owned establishment with three generations of experienced business professionals, the company takes pride in being a leading edge firm.

The strong business acumen of the Chambers General Construction leadership is a critical factor in its success. Determined to dissolve the myth and stereotypes of contractors, this team driven company emphasizes quality and expediency in every project it embraces.  Positioned as “Vendor of Choice” for those seeking world class craftsmanship, the team at Chambers is prepared to make your dream a reality.